Register of Regional Development Measures and Incentives

The Register is a unique, centralized electronic database of measures and incentives of significance for regional development. The Regional Development Measures and Incentives Register (hereinafter: the Register) started performing its activities within the Serbian Business Registers Agency from February 1, 2011. The Agency keeps the Register pursuant to the Law on Regional Development (Official Gazette of RS Nos 51/09 and 30/10), Decree on the contents, manner and procedure of keeping the Regional Development Measures and Incentives Register (Official Gazette of RS Nos 93/10 and 100/11), Guidelines on detailed terms and procedure for data entry on regional development measures and incentives, and in accordance with the law regulating the legal status of the Agency.

The Register contains information on the type of documents for providing incentives for regional development, intended purpose of incentives, financial characteristics of incentives, incentive providers and beneficiaries, territorial allocation of incentives, sources of funding and other data of significance for assigning new investments to certain regions for the achievement of goals set by national and regional development programs.

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